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Startup Construction Process

7 stages to craft your startup,
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Define your unique value proposition, find your business models and experiment to assess market appetite


Construct your business ecosystem by developing opportunities, growing your aquisition channels, logistics and partners network


What are your core values? Establish what defines you. Understand what makes the "startup culture" unique. Empower people and build the pillars of your company


Build your product and services using Agile incremental delivery: from prototyping, via Minimum Testable Product (MTP), to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Rule of the Game: it is all about capturing your customers attention. Develop your presence, maintain the conversation stream and measure the feedbacks


Understand what make startup finance special. To grasp inherent risks and a good preparation are the ingredient of survival. Securing Cash flow is key to your growth.


Congratz, You've made it!

You've reach the end of the beginning, now let's get you ready to launch

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