Define your idea and elaborate why and how it can become a business.


You’ve got an idea and you believe it is whorthy enough to invest time and effort on it.

It serves a purpose, solve a problem, it is a « now  or never » offered opportunity, or it is an innovation upon which people or companies can rely upon.


One-liner Pitch Sentence

Interaction Diagram

Business Processes

Product Feature

Value Proposition Canvas: link


Friends, Family & Surroundings feedbacks

Describe your idea
Check region where you want to start your business, focus your Visibility and grow your network.
Find the reasons why customers would purchase your products and services
Explain what is your unfair or differenciating advantage
Check if the timing is good. Sometime you can be too early or too late, especially if the idea is linked to a trend (e.g. instagram for Pokemon Go)
List distinctly the ways you can generate cash flows
Check if the amount of early investment/prerequisite make the idea possible and accessible (money, time, skills, ressources)
Check if the environment is favourable to the establishment of your startup (culture, political environment, financial system, average people wages, Internet speed and coverage, etc.)
Check the market to see what are the existing solutions available in the region you target
Make a list assumptions you will validate with people (later in the process)
Do some basic interviews with relatives and friends and business domain expert where possible about what people do, their habits, their usage, how they address (or not) their current problems in order to narrow down/validate some early assumptions and to check market fit with your idea
Sketch (Mac only): To prototype wireframes and UI screens link
Lunacy (Windows only): To prototype wireframes and UI screens. You can load sketch files link
Powerpoint: use it for rapid prototyping. 0 design skills required 😁 link
Pencil: To easily prototype wireframes and UI screens link
Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder [French] link
Value Proposition Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder [French]: link
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