AMASE, the Accelerated Method for building an Adaptive and Sustainable Ecosystem
Use AMASE to
grow an adaptive Business Ecosystem,
to build a sustainable Startup,
to collaborate with seasoned Experts
using the best Technologies on the market

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AMASING Business
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Construct your business Ecosystem from the idea to launch.

AMASING Startups

Build your Startup from the Idea to Launch.

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Use best technologies to build the best products.

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Consult & Hire Experts to supercharge your business.

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What is AMASE?

Fitted for the Age of Digital and the Era of Acceleration, AMASE is a method crafted for companies and organizations that need to bring valuable products and services to their clients, partners and employees, in the most efficient way, the fastest way possible, with sustainability at the core of each decision and action taken, could they be Indies, Startups, Small/Medium/Large corporations, Associations or Institutions.

Its purpose is to be easy to learn, natural to practise, supported by bots, applications and templates to speed up and maximize your productivity.

The method takes its origin from several years of study and practice of various frameworks, methodologies, schools of thought, technologies, in the scope of business and academic domains such as:

  • Design: Enterprise Architecture, UX design, Design Thinking, Data Modelling, Innovation Process, Urban architecture
  • Domains: IT, Marketing, Finance, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Legal
  • Practices: Corporate Strategy, Business Process Management, Business Model Canvas, Cloud Computing, API Economy, Risk Management, Digital Transformation
  • Culture: Startup, Open Source, Collaborative, Agile, BizDevOps, Mentoring
  • Influence: SaFE, DaD, TOGAF, FEA, Zachman, BPMN, COBIT, ITIL, ISO, CISSP, SOA, MDA, EDA, BDD

Finally, AMASE works at all level: from the scale of your product to the scale of your ecosystem.